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Reader's question: I am very new at this and have just started my own bookkeeping business working from home. I am finding it very hard to find clients. Do you have any advice?

Really you need to learn how to market your business, which starts with defining exactly who you think your ideal target clients are. Work out what the value is for your product or service and how you are going to communicate that effectively to them.

You then need to think about where these potential clients might go, what they might read and who they might associate with. Where would they look for a book keeper if they needed one, online, in a telephone directory – who would they ask?

If your target client is the small business owner, networking events can be good source of new leads.

Making contact with people that already have a relationship with your potential clients can also be a good way to get the word out, (business advisers, business start up services, virtual assistants, secretarial service – make a list). These people may well be happy to recommend you and potentially you could do the same for them.

Putting up a few post cards advertising your services in local newsagents and on the local post offices notice board is inexpensive and might catch someone’s eye.

A small regular linage advert in the classified business service section of your local paper might also generate some enquiries. If you get one client and they are happy with what you do for them, ask them to recommend you to someone else who might need your service.

See also: How to encourage your business contacts to refer you to new clients – Matt Simmons of Sales Geek explains what a business referral is and how you can use them to grow your company.

Nick Britton

Nick Britton

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