How to reopen your hairdressers and barbers and post lockdown

Hairdressers and barber shops are able to open from July 4, but with extra safety measures in place

The Government has announced that hairdressers and barbers can reopen for business on July 4 but other beauty businesses will have to wait.

Hilary Hall, chief executive of the National Hair and Beauty Foundation applauded the decision to reopen but said it had come very late in the day.

Hall said: “We are also extremely disappointed that beauty businesses are not yet allowed to reopen, and we have always emphasised that hair and beauty should reopen at the same time.”

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How to reopen your hairdressers or barbers

  • All salons must stick to social distancing and maintain two metres between clients, or one metre with additional precautions, such as the use of screens
  • Face visors must be worn by practitioners for all activities. Face coverings are not an acceptable alternative to visors, but clients or staff may choose to wear an additional face covering
  • No walk-ins: clients must be seen by appointment only. Salon and barbershop owners will be required to keep a temporary record of all clients and visitors for 21 days to support the NHS test-and-trace system which controls outbreaks of the virus
  • No food or drinks to be consumed in the salon by clients other than water in disposable cups or bottles
  • The guidance does not ban the use of hairdryers
  • Discuss the appointment in the mirror and avoid smalltalk during the haircut to reduce the amount of face-to-face time
  • Be clear in your messaging to customers about the health and safety measures in place
  • Encourage clients to use hand sanitiser or wash their hands as they enter the premises or before treatment
  • Ask clients to attend on their own when booking an appointment
  • Maintain social distancing in waiting areas when clients wait for appointments. Or operating a one-in, one-out system for small premises
  • Keep toilets inside premises open
  • Put down floor markings to remind staff and clients to keep their distance and put up social distancing signage

Here is Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing that hairdressers and barbers can reopen in the House of Commons on June 23:


When will hairdressers in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland reopen?

Salons and barbershops in Wales are expected to reopen from July 13 (after a review on July 9) and in Northern Ireland from July 6.

Hairdressers and barbers in Scotland will be able to reopen from July 15. Other personal close-contact services will remain closed until a later date.

The governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have yet to make any announcement on whether they will be adopting the same guidelines as England or publishing their own.

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What else should I be doing to reduce the spread of COVID-19?

On top of your risk assessment, the government says you should also:

Develop cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures

  • Encourage staff to follow hand washing protocol
  • Provide hand sanitiser in washrooms and other areas
  • Clean and disinfect objects which are touched regularly
  • Clean busy areas more regularly
  • Set clear use and guidance for cleaning toilets
  • Provide hand drying facilities if you don’t have them already like paper towels or electric hand dryers

Where to buy a visor for your hairdressers or barber

Hairdressers and barbers have been advised to wear protective visors when they reopen after July 4.

Face visors must be worn by anyone carrying out hairdressing or barbering activities, as well as beauty services when those businesses can reopen. These provide a clear Perspex covering for the eyes, nose and mouth from the forehead down. Face coverings may be worn as an extra precaution, but not as an alternative to visors.

Where can I buy a hairdressing visor?

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