The importance of web analytics in digital marketing

Web analytics are at the center of impactful digital marketing.

To succeed you need to be the best seller. Becoming the best seller involves a combination of marketing strategies. In this article, I will discuss web analytics and why they are fundamental in digital marketing.

Marketing automation is changing the way that companies do business. It is saving businesses valuable time and resources. Indeed, sales and marketing ecosystems work by automating lead nurturing programs, integrating email marketing tools and utilizing analytics-based technologies and other lead generation strategies.

The more you know about your customer, the more targeted your pitch can be and the more successful your business can be.

The real question is how do you go about improving your sales processes through analytics, without requiring constant marketing automation processes and expensive tools? What if your sales team could learn to qualify leads themselves with the help of analytics? I call this analytics-based sales.

In many senses, the analytics-based sales that I refer to are the other way around. Your team must learn to use analytics first before doing sales activities. By analytics I really refer to web analytics, where leads are nourished and qualified efficiently.

In the past, the analytical side of business has always the domain of the marketing team. However, with analytics-based sales tools the gap between analytics and sales with qualified leads is much smaller. The analytics-based sales tools allow salespeople themselves to filter out traffic sources and qualify leads in a fast and delightfully simple way.

One of the leading sales tools for analytics-based sales is Leadfeeder. Turning Google Analytics into a sales tool is a large part of what Leadfeeder does. It backloads 30 days of data, filters out ISPs and shows you the businesses that have visited your website and what they have done there over time. From here, you can assign various leads to various team members and Leadfeeder can automatically send data to your CRM. In essence Leadfeeder automates the lead generation process and you can customize it as a salesperson.

This article was contributed by Otto Puera of LeadFeeder – LeadFeeder are pioneers of web analytics technology development. It is an easily installed web app that increases your sales intelligence by integrating your sales and marketing data and allowing you to see which companies and people are visiting your website.

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Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

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