Innovative advertising tips for small business owners

So, here are some creative ideas that you can try to advertise your small business in the UK.

Accordingly, the estimated size of UK local advertising is £2.6 billion per year, but local business owners can only shell out an average of £1,630 a year as advertising funds. This is where the challenge begins. Long before the internet was born, the normal advertising is through the local paper and Yellow Pages. But today, all types of businesses, big or small are aware of the need to established reputation and visibility on Google and other search engines. Also, it is now a need that your website works well on mobile devices. Because of this, advertising on local media is easier and much affordable. So, here are some creative ideas that you can try to advertise your small business in the UK.

Poster advertising

Roughly about 95 per cent of all the posters that you see around the UK are offered by huge advertising agencies. But, for local businesses the bus stop billboard nearby your store or restaurant is the easiest one to secure.

Sending text messages

There are lots of text messaging services available now that will enable small businesses to take advantage of bulk send of SMS as a medium to reach their customers if there are alerts, discounts, offers or deals.

Using public transport

It is very common to see a taxi, a bus or a train carrying an advertising poster or on stations where lots of people see them. Well, this medium of advertisement is a lot less that you think.

Branding your business vehicle

You can establish a very strong presence in your community if you try to carry your own logo while your business vehicle is on the move. A small panel cost around £150 while a vehicle wrap costs £2,000 and will last for about five years and be definitely be seen by thousands of individuals.

Social media advertising

Social media is undoubtedly a very powerful tool nowadays and because of that a lot of small businesses are using its advantages towards advertising opportunities. It has a lot to offer in terms of audience targeting options like interests, demographics, and location so that your ad will reach your target audience.

Using digital ad networks

For those who have tried to make money online then, you surely know how important paid advertising networks are. Thousands of digital advertisement networks are now available for you to choose from. Ad networks can really help you reach a lot of prospect clients, monetise your content, reach your audience anywhere and can be highly effective. Not just that, a good network can also deliver your best ads to the right audience through using their auto-optimisation technology. They can also make data-driven decisions using click, impression and comprehensive cost statistics. Their mission is to make the most out of your advertising funds via their traffic distribution algorithms.

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