Why internet security is important to small businesses

With many businesses hitting the headlines in recent months of cyber breaches, we take a look at why internet security is so important for small businesses.

When it comes to small businesses the internet can be a very important tool. It not only provides information services, and communication, but also the ability to sell your product or service to an even bigger marketplace.

Along with that ability to extend your business though comes the danger of opening it up for attack. With all kinds of dangers out there like viruses, malware, and even ransomware, there are many dangers to your productivity, and even worse to the information that you store on your customers.

This is why internet security is very important to small businesses.

When running a business, it is vitally important to be keep productive, and to not create stumbling blocks that you could have actually prevented. A cyber-attack from an unknown source on the internet can not only slow production, but also cause you weeks, if not months of problems to fix the problems they create.

Another form of defence will of course be a VPN service which can act like a buffer to the outside world. There are plenty of websites that review small business antivirus software out there to give you an idea of what services are available, but for even a small business, the VPN you choose much be robust and have tough security.

What businesses have to do is to have a strict security policy that protects them at all times. This means that the firewall must be up at all times, and be stricter than a normal “home” firewall, and if the small business is big enough, have a dedicated IT person(s) who can handle any problems that can appear, because problems will come. When it comes to internet security though, if these problems come they can have big side effects.

The simple fact is, when you do business on the internet and open up your network to the outside world, your customer data has to be protected from all outside forces. The only people who should be able to have access to that are trusted people that have the right to access this data.

It is not only a productivity issue to have a security breach around customer data, but it can also be a public relations disaster. You just have to look at the number of security breaches around data that are reported by news sources to see the proof of that.

Small businesses cannot risk having down time, and this is why internet security becomes a very important element of their business plans. To stay a success, there simply cannot be the risk of data loss, system damage and bad PR that failed internet security can bring to the business.

Some small businesses can be broken by simply having delays for a number of days, so internet security has to be very high, especially in an environment where hackers can simply bring down your network for the fun of it.

So what can be done? The simple answer is to make sure your internet security is robust, and can survive attacks. Consultations by security experts can shed light on exactly what your business will need, and it will be well worth your time in the end, as it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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Owen Gough, SmallBusiness UK

Owen Gough

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