How can IoT keep your small business’ office more safe and secure?

Here, Guy Brewer at Door Controls Direct, explains how the IoT can help keep your business safe and secure.

As a small business owner, it’s common to feel proud and protective of the office and property you’ve invested hard work, money and time into.

Smart technology is becoming more and more prominent in every aspect of our lives; our homes, transport and our jobs. But, thanks to new innovative technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), technology is not only making our lives and belongings more tech-savvy and efficient, it is also being used to improve safety and security systems.

As home-owners we ensure that our houses are burglar-proof and protected from risks and hazards, but are business owners working to keep their well-earned properties and offices equally as safe and secure? Because of the increase and development of smart technology, we no longer need to rely on blurry CCTV footage and deadbolts to keep our properties safe.

So, how should small business owners be using the IoT to keep their offices as safe and secure as possible?

Oversee your office remotely

Working from home, going abroad for a business trip or taking a well-deserved holiday can leave business owners apprehensive about whether everything in the office is in order – and we don’t just mean wondering if your employees have left their desks in favour of the pub!

With the support of the IoT, business owners are able to oversee and control their offices remotely. Smart security systems that connect to cameras, such as Nest’s security camera, mean that you can view areas of your property from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Some smart security cameras can also be programmed to send alerts to the owner’s smartphone if any suspicious activity is detected, and night vision means that the camera still works to it’s best ability outside of office and working hours.

Similar to smart security cameras, smart alarm kits come equipped with motion sensors and detectors that can be activated as soon as business owners leave the office, immediately notifying them via smartphone if any suspicious behaviour triggers the alarm kit. With a smart alarm kit working alongside a smart security camera, business owners can feel at ease that both the inside and outside of their properties and offices are safe and secure, 24 hours a day.

Never risk getting locked out of the office again

Are you, or a few member of your employees, guilty of losing your keys from time to time? With smart locks, virtual keys and geofencing technology, this no longer has to be problem.

IoT security systems can enable you and your employees to enter and leave the office simply through the use of a smartphone. August’s smart lock allows users to unlock a door using just their smartphone; business owners can invite all employees to the system and each person will have an individual virtual key. The smart technology also comes with an activity log, so you can track who’s coming into and leaving the office – if any employee is late, you’ll know!

Geofencing technology, a ‘virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area’, will enable business owners to be notified via their smartphone if someone enters or leaves their property, enabling you to keep track of employees or unexpected trespassers.

Smart locks aren’t only beneficial to keeping your office safe and secure, they can also increase your online business accounts and devices. Two-factor authentication is another IoT connected security system that increases the level of safety in the standard log-in process; the software will ask for your email address or mobile number and then you’ll have to confirm via another device who you are, preventing any hackers.

Your very own smart personal assistant

As a small business owner, you may not be in a position financially to justify hiring a personal assistant; that’s where smart technology comes in.

The Echo Show is Amazon’s latest and most equipped smart home assistant. The device connects with all the other IoT devices on your network; the LED display means business owners can easily keep an eye on footage from security cameras and, if you get home and realise you didn’t turn the office lights off or lock the office door – your smart assistant can do this for you. With the support of a smart assistant, business owners are able to control every aspect of their office via one device and ensure everything is safe and secure 24 hours a day.

Small business owners main focus should be on running and growing their business, driving sales and managing employees – not feeling anxious about whether the office is secure. We’re already seeing the IoT shape security systems to make our place of work as burglar-proof and hazard proof than ever before, and we can only expect to see this technology continue to advance.

Guy Brewer at Door Controls Direct

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