The IT systems that cost little but have a big impact

Here, Jeremy Hall from Puffin Solutions, gives us his top tips for utilising secure and efficient IT systems for your small business.

For small businesses, secure, efficient IT systems are extremely important and play a significant part in the day to day running of an organisation. A simple fault could become more serious than first feared and cause many delays within a workplace.

Business managers are under a lot of pressure to ensure that any IT installations are correctly timed, up to standard and provide added value to the business with the aim of increasing staff efficiency.

There are many IT systems available to small businesses. Some are designed to produce faster connection speeds, whereas others are designed to keep areas of the business secure. However, there are also a number of IT systems that can be installed on a larger scale to help manage specific events or seminars.

Structured data cabling

The installation of secure, structured data cabling should not be underestimated.

Over the years, there have been numerous upgrades in the cabling industry, with new products becoming available year on year. However, do not assume that a cabling installation will wipe out your budget.

Many national data cabling installation companies are able to offer flexible payment plans on projects for small businesses and the benefits will include:

  • Faster connection speeds
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Less downtime
  • Allow for easy changes to the IT infrastructure
  • Easier device management
  • Allow for the isolation of faulty systems
  • Flexible – connect PC’s, fax machines, printers and more


Unfortunately, for small businesses retail crime once reached £1.4 billion in lost profits in the UK. Theft committed by customers, shoplifters and even staff members all contributed to this unthinkable figure, but there are thing you can do to help prevent it from happening to you.

The installation of a secure CCTV system will dramatically reduce the chances of your profits going AWOL. A basic CCTV system for a small business could range from £350 upwards but would become a worthy investment.

State of the art systems can become expensive but it is important to stick to your budget. A CCTV system for your business could help fight the follow issues in a work place.

Shoplifting – Profits from your hard work quite literally walking out of your door and you may not have any idea. If an opportunity to steal without getting caught comes up, even the most trusted people will be tempted to have a go.

Staff Theft – Unfortunately, this happens more than you may want to believe. Even the most trusted staff members could be stealing your profit. It is well documented that just one employee can steal up to £100 of profit each month. With more than 20 employees that’s a staggering £8000 loss to your business.

Friends and Family Deals – When you are away from the office, members of staff may be giving friends and family member’s better rates. It is a little tricky to detect because if you are simply watching in from a screen, it can look like a pretty normal transaction.

Increased Security – Criminal damages cannot just be ignored. Unfortunately, it happens a lot and the costs of damages can be frightening. The installation of a reliable CCTV system can reduce the rate of crime by an impressive 95 per cent.

Audio Visual (AV  IT Systems)

For small businesses, developing new opportunities with prospective clients and investors can be hugely beneficial and become the catalyst for growth.

The ability to communicate effectively is the easiest way to secure these investments and express your opinions and ideas effectively. Audio Visual systems are extremely beneficial to those that require any visual aids or have trouble hearing.

The benefits of a well installed AV system could include:

Sound – For any event of business conference, sound is everything. AV systems ensure that your audience can hear what you are expressing clearly.

Visual Aids – Body language is a huge part in human communication. The use of visual aids with your AV system can boost your ability to communicate effectively and drive sales.

Lighting – If you are managing an event, lighting is key. Focussing the lighting on a specific area can be what encourages your customers to make a purchase or interact with your business.

Jeremy Hall is a co-founder and director of Puffin Solutions, a specialist in data cabling installation.

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