Karatgold Coin: The modern alternative to gold and Ethereum

Here, we look at a new cryptocurrency possibility that follows the gold rate.

Gold is a popular and secure investment that can beyond that be exchanged for cash or used for payment at any time. In the course of digitisation, there is a new possibility if you decide to invest in gold and do not want to forgo the advantages of a cryptocurrency. The Karatgold Coin combines both components and is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that follows the gold rate.

Ethereum or gold? The Karatgold Coin as a hybrid of both

Have you been considering investing in classic gold or putting your money into a cryptocurrency like Ethereum? Then the Karatgold Coin presents itself as a hybrid between the two investment options and is your chance to make a safe, geopolitically and economically independent investment that is always usable as a means of payment. The advantages are obvious:

  • For physical gold, you need a deposit box, while the Karatgold Coin is traded over a blockchain
  • You cannot make online payments with physical gold
  • A cryptocurrency is not based on a tangible asset; the Karatgold Coin, however, is
  • The Karatgold Coin will not become a pawn of speculators
  • You unite the advantages of a physical and virtual investment in one investment.

Instead of choosing ‘either/or’, you can rely on double benefits with this option. You choose an investment that is based on gold but is not completely dependent on it. Each Karatgold Coin is juxtaposed with a specific weight corresponding to the respective value of gold. You can exchange your investment at any time and worldwide against physical gold, use it as a means of payment or convert it into other cryptocurrencies. With Karatgold Coins, you keep investments flexible and seize an innovative option of modern markets to largely dissociate themselves from the state banking system and its difficulties.

Positive trends in price development

As has already been shown in the past, cryptocurrencies achieve high price increases and maximise their value significantly. Gold is stable in value and thus a safe investment protected from inflation and loss of value. The combination of both options is therefore a decision that you make in the here and now with an eye to your future and financial security. You can purchase the Karatgold Coin at favourable conditions today during the introductory phase and be sure that the price will tend to increase and that the combination of cryptocurrency and gold currency will yield an attractive return. In the future, the Karatgold Coin will be used as a means of payment, while classic cryptocurrencies will purely serve the purpose of speculation. The transferability of the exchange value is possible free of charge and without any need to visit a physical branch of a bank and to communicate your objectives.

You can exchange the coins for gold, as well as for any central bank currency, and after the introductory phase in which only direct purchase is possible, trade them on crypto exchanges and use them in payment transactions. The values are transferred in real time and exclude waiting periods. By orienting to gold value, you have the certainty that it is a system that is stable in value and based on a traditional asset.

Karatgold Coins are gaining in importance, as they combine the most important properties of gold and cryptocurrencies. The real value is not only drawn from virtuality due to the underlying asset.

Karatgold Coin

The Karatgold is collaterising up 10,000 tokens with 0.1g in the ICO phase. The goal is to achieve a coin value of 0.1g through an annual 20 per cent profit distribution of the Karatgold Singapore and its subsidiary Karatpay. To achieve this, both the profits from the worldwide revenue of gold transaction fees from the subsidiary Karatpay, as well as from the worldwide sale of Cashgold, are incorporated. The 20 per cent profit distribution will be immediately exchanged for gold and the coins thus upgraded.

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