Launching a successful bingo site

Here, we talk about what it takes to launch and run a successful bingo site.

1. When was BingoReviewer (BR) founded?

BingoReviewer was founded on 31 Dec 2006 by now former owner Richard Sharp.

2. When did the LCB Network acquire BR?

If I remember it correctly we acquired the site back in 2010. While still keeping Richard as an adviser and content writer during the transition period.

3. Tell me a little about what BR is and what the site has to offer.

BR, as its name suggests, is a source for anything and everything related to online bingo. In short BR is an online bingo directory and bonus comparison website. We review different bingo websites that offer online gambling pertaining to bingo games and slots, trying to inform our visitors about pros and cons about each of those sites.

4. What part do you have in BR?

As one of the two partners, my duties have been changing over time. Initially my role was to integrate the site with our LCB network, to be more precise with The plan was to sync BR with LBB, making it easier to keep the site up to date in terms of information we are providing. One of my roles was to come up with new ideas and solutions for BR, while at the same time keeping the mission of the site intact. These days I mostly delegate work, and making sure everything is running smooth.

5. How long have been in the online bingo industry?

For well over seven years now.

6. Does BR cater to an international market of players?

BR is mostly catering to the UK market. With that said we are trying to expand our business to other English speaking markets too, for which we had a moderate success up to now.

7. In what countries is bingo more prevalent?

I’m inclined to say the UK, where both land based and online bingo are massive. The USA is also a great market for online bingo, but the players there are faced with many challenges, especially when it comes to making deposits. All in the light of UIGEA law which was passed back in 2006.

8. What do you think is one of the most important aspects of building a successful online bingo site?

There is fair few and I’ll mention only those that are most important in my opinion.

  • Being transparent and to provide honest reviews, with all the advantages and disadvantages. All this in combination with quality and interesting content and topics.
  • Nice web design and easy navigation, as your site must be appealing to your visitors.
  • Good SEO.

9. How many are on the BR team and what positions are the most essential in running an accomplished site?

Currently there are eight team members dedicated to BR. This is including an SEO person, content writers, programmers and web designers. I would say all these are essential in running a website. You need them all to stand a chance to be competitive.

10. What plans in 2016 for BR can visitors to your site look forward to?

The plan is to keep on reviewing more bingo rooms, bringing even more quality information. We also plan on refreshing the site’s design and making it mobile friendly.

Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel was the editor of from 2010 to 2018. He specialises in writing for start-up and scale-up companies in the areas of finance, marketing and HR.

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