Matt Lovett: Making a success from his discount website

Matt Lovett, 17-years-old and founder of marketing company Wow Media, has seen the number of hits to his discount website soar since January.

This year, he was presented an award by Alistair Darling for his site.

Where did you get the idea?
It just came to me through looking at other sites. My mum’s not really into business and my dad owns a car showroom. All my knowledge has been self-taught.

When did you first start out?
At 13, I started my own cashback website with the money I made from selling sweets at school and some pocket money. I then founded Wow Media in 2007. It used up a lot of my time and I failed most of my GCSEs.

How did you find starting up?
Really confusing, but I picked up things along the way. To be honest, I wish I had taken business at school. I would have enjoyed learning something I have an interest in.

What was it like meeting Alistair Darling?
Very cool. I was surprised as it was a great achievement and he was a really nice man. Also, I think winning an award like that has helped to raise the profile of the business.

Where next?
At the moment, I employ six members of staff and work full time at the office. But the way the company is expanding, we are looking to employ another two this year. Beyond that, I don’t know at the moment.

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