New law stops 31 types of scam

Regulation is about to come into force to protect consumers from 'unfair trading practices'.

Business Link, a government business advisory service, says that new rules, which will be in place from 26 May, are intended to stop marketing and selling techniques which are misleading or aggressive.

Such practices include providing false or inaccurate information, failing to reveal important information or using aggressive sales tactics to ‘coerce or unduly influence’ consumers’ decisions.

There are 31 activities which will be expressly banned, such as claiming untrue professional endorsements from a professional or public body or displaying unauthorised trust or quality marks.

Other prohibited actions will include refusing to leave a customer’s home or offering goods at a price that will not be able to be honoured, as well as creating the false impression that a consumer has won a competition, or saying that they need to pay money before claiming a prize.

Business Link is a government body that provides information for small firms on starting and growing their business, as well as on specific issues such as marketing techniques or setting up premises.

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