Business Fraud

Articles on how your business can avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Essential advice on how to make sure you can identify financial fraud through risk awareness and how to set up protection measures. Helpful guidance to enable you to protect you and your customers from fraudsters.


Business fraud costs firms £16,000 for each incident

Fraud cost companies tens of thousands of pounds each time they are victimised but most do not bother to report incidents to police

Business Technology

What do I do if my business’ social media account is hacked?

Almost 20 per cent of small businesses have reported to have had their social media accounts hacked at some point


93pc of SMEs unable to recover more than half of fraud losses

Nearly half of businesses surveyed say they have been hit by fraud within last 12 months, with average amount lost £241,000

Business Technology

Invoice fraud: many small businesses aren’t aware of the risks

A worrying number of small businesses aren't aware of the risk posed by invoice fraud, even though they could lose thousands of pounds.


Half of small business owners leave themselves open to fraud

Small business owners are failing to do basic checks, according to new research. Do you know what you should be looking for?

Business management

How to prevent workplace fraud

Aziz Rahman examines the scale of fraud in business and explains how it can be prevented, identified and reported.

Business Technology

Small business fraud: Why you could be the victim

Seemingly unsophisticated phishing scams have now evolved to a much more dangerous level of highly sophisticated fraud. Here, Gary Kearns of Vocalink reveals why the threat is not to be ignored.

Business Technology

How digital technology can help SMEs fight fraud

Aziz Rahman has teamed up with anti-fraud experts and produced a guide on how implementing digital tech can help SMEs prevent fraud crimes, most importantly, trade-based money laundering.

Legal advice

What is the SFO process and how can you defend accusations

Here, Aziz Rahman, Senior Partner at Rahman Ravelli provides a step by step guide helping to inform small businesses on what the SFO processes are and how they can defend themselves from serious accusations.


UK financial decision makers don’t know if they are a victim of fraud

A new report finds a 138 percent relative year-on-year increase in the concern over insider fraud.

Business Technology

Fraud ignorance is rampant in businesses and organisations

Doctoral research at University of Leicester shows how companies can build real resistance to corruption.

Business management

Online fraud – five top tips for prevention in small businesses

The threat of online fraud is rife and it is essential that companies do not let their guard down, according to Accura.

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Streamlining document management for your small business

David Malan, sales director of DocuWare for the UK and Ireland, explains how the platform can streamline your document management

Business Loans

A guide to getting a small business loan

Everything you need to know on what small business loans are and what types of loan are available for your business.

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Why you need a business bank account

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5 things every small business owner needs to know before starting

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