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Norway is a gorgeous country. Adventurers will love hiking, cycling, rafting, skiing, surfing and wildlife safaris to see whales, moose and puffins.

The northern country continually ranks highly in various tables for good quality of life, with the OECD index citing a high score among Norway’s citizens for happiness and wellbeing. This is partly down to clean drinking water, a low crime rate and a high level of education.

Name of visa: Independent contractor visa / Skilled workers visa

Length of stay: Two years

Can I extend my stay? Yes – up to six years


  • Valid passport
  • Proof of self-employment
  • Bank statements proving income
  • Contract with at least one Norwegian client
  • Address of accommodation
  • UDI checklist
  • If it’s your own business, it must be your own sole proprietorship – no limited companies

Minimum salary: €35,719 (£31,454)

How to apply: Via appointment with your nearest Norwegian embassy or consulate; or at a police station if in Norway

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