Now is the ‘ideal time’ for marketing

Consumers will be more open to direct marketing in the current economic climate as they are looking for more information before making a purchase, an expert states.

DataTalk Research Limited, a statistical consultancy group, says consumers are currently more accepting of marketing as they are more sensitive about where they spend their money.

Mike Hare, research director at the company, says people are looking for more details on products or offers before they commit to buying.

He says research shows 50 per cent of respondents are saying ‘it’s actually helpful to receive the information’.

‘They want to make sure that, if they are going to have to make any purchases, that they are making the best judgements,’ he adds.

Hare states that the more information given to potential customers the better, as they are then more likely to buy.

Research from the Marketing Responsivity Index, carried out in July, showed a positive score of 76 per cent, meaning people are likely to react to a marketing channel more positively than they have done before.

This represented an 11 per cent increase on the previous month’s results.

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