The power of print: How to get your business off the ground

How can you get your message heard above everybody else? Printed marketing materials may be the answer.

In a competitive market where everyone is trying to shout the loudest, how can you get your message heard above everybody else? Most people probably think that digital marketing is the way to go, but some studies have shown that direct print mail is easier to understand and more memorable than digital media, requiring 21 per cent less cognitive effort to process. In fact, half of all the millennials who took part said they would prefer print to remain a significant factor in their lives. So if you thought marketing was all about hashtags and Instagram, think again… print remains a powerful force!

Make your message clear; people are constantly being bombarded with social media messages and emails. So, when creating your print media, think about something that is visual and will stick in your customers’ minds. The average attention span for online users is said to be about eight seconds, whereas a cleverly designed and striking flyer is more likely to be popped up on the fridge, noticeboard or left on the kitchen table. Reach your target audience by creating advertising in a variety of mediums, ensuring your copy is clear, memorable and engaging.

Business cards

As well as asking people to follow you on Facebook or Twitter, physically handing over a business card with your logo, name and contact details is a visual reminder of you. You can still combine social media by including your Facebook link, website page address and Twitter name on the card so that people can interact with you online if they choose to.


Producing a high-quality, glossy brochure means you can show off your products to your customers, and it’s ideal if you want to send it as a direct mail-out for people to flick through. Sure – you can email out a newsletter to your clients with product information or a link to your website – but it’s easy to delete an email. A tangible brochure can be more tempting to flick through, especially if it’s left lying around in the house. If you’re going down the route of printing brochures, make sure you buy high quality ink cartridges to achieve the best results.

Flyers and posters

Posters that are eye-catching and concise can clearly get your message out to potential customers using strong imagery and a few words. You could also include a special offer on the poster to attract new customers. Think about adding an element of digital media by including a QR code – this incorporates a hidden series of specially designed hyperlinks that people can scan with their mobile phone to immediately go to a mobile website. There, they can find more information and download discount codes or more. A great combination of print and digital advertising!


While social media advertising is on the rise, putting out adverts in the press, magazines or a local directory is still seen as an effective marketing tool for your business. You can target your market by advertising in a specialist magazine or newsletter, for example. Think about the message of your advert and what you are trying to get across. Some of the most memorable adverts made have been in printed form.

When it comes to print media, remember that the more people see your advert or branding, the more they will remember you – and there’s no beating something customers can both see and hold!

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Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel was the editor of from 2010 to 2018. He specialises in writing for start-up and scale-up companies in the areas of finance, marketing and HR.

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