Five key events for your PR strategy in April

Journolink's Simran Ghata-Aura outlines what you should be including in your PR strategy during the month of April.

There’s a lot to get involved with during April. Here are five key events for your PR strategy to help you prepare and make the most of April’s upcoming events.

April Fools

April 1st, better known as April Fools Day, is renowned day for pranks and the general acting of ‘fooling’ a person(s).

As a business it’s also a great opportunity for you to get in on the fun with your audience. By doing this, it can also create an excellent PR stunt for your business to get into the media – dive in!

New Tax Year

April 6th is the new tax year and businesses need to make sure they’ve got everything in check for the coming months.

As well as updating any records, has your business made any new plans or decisions? A new financial year can mean big decisions such as hires and location changes. If your business has made any new changes then make sure to write a press release about this and let journalists know.


Spring officially starts today (March 20th) and the UK clocks change on March 31st. But April is when Spring’s effects really start to show.

It’s worthwhile incorporating the theme of Spring in your business plan. Creating a change can help keep your business fresh and contemporary. Showing a dramatic seasonal change will also encourage curiosity – what’s new and different?


Easter is a key date for businesses.

Children break off from school for the Easter holidays and there are bank holidays for working adults too. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to advertise events and special promotions for families.

Easter is also strongly associated with chocolate, eggs and rabbits, so it might be worthwhile to incorporate these into your business in some way. If you already do, make sure you’re doing whatever you can to promote this for Easter!


The Brexit date is scheduled for 29th March. Regardless of what happens with delays, Brexit itself will be a hot topic during April.

Has your business prepared for Brexit? How are you supporting your European employees? The uncertainty of Brexit has already created a lot of change for businesses and their decisions in terms of things like location and suppliers.

Make sure you write a press release in April about how your business is dealing with Brexit. There’s no other perfect time to do this.

There’s a lot to look forward to and get involved with in April, so make sure you’re well prepared and ahead of the game with your PR strategy.

Simran Ghata-Aura is media relations assistant at JournoLink.

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Simran Ghata-Aura

Simran Ghata-Aura is the media relations officer at Journolink.

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