PURE Spa & Beauty launches first crowdfund to boost UK grow

PURE Spa and Beauty is seeking to open in more city locations with new funding sought through crowdfunding platform Crowdcube.

UK spa group PURE Spa & Beauty has announced the opening of its first crowdfunding campaign, seeking upwards of £150K to scale up its urban wellness brand around the UK. Through Crowdcube a Pure Spa investment will start at £10 with VIP rewards and benefits on offer for shareholders investing £50 or more.

PURE, which has been going for 16 years, currently operates spas in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen and hopes to open more outlets around the UK – with London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Newcastle and Liverpool all on its target list. It employs 150 staff delivering 100,000 treatments every year to a database of 220,000 active clients. The company says All PURE spas are currently reporting 20% year on year growth.

The company has recently launched a PURE retail and professional range of natural skin care products which are sold in its spas, its PURE web-shop and through selected retailers as well as being used in PURE treatments. In October 2018 the company launched the PURE Beauty Zone, an online marketplace for the flourishing clean beauty sector which sources and sells a carefully curated range of clean, top quality face, hair and bodycare brands.

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PURE Spa & Beauty was founded by chartered accountant Becky Woodhouse. She spotted a gap in the market for a high-quality spa close to her office in Edinburgh, offering treatments after she had finished work. She opened the first PURE spa in the city’s financial district in 2002. The company model is based on this original idea for high quality beauty and spa treatments for men and women conveniently located in cities.

Becky Woodhouse said: “We are excited to be launching our first ever fund raise which will give our 220,000 wonderful clients the opportunity to own a part of our business. We know from feedback and reviews that PURE clients have come to love our spa and beauty treatments, products, environment and the service they enjoy from the PURE team. Accessibility is at the heart of our business, and what could be more accessible than offering share ownership in our business with investment starting at £10?

“In line with the growing interest in wellness, our plan is to open new PURE Spa & Beauty locations in high footfall retail centres across the UK’s biggest cities. We have identified a large client demand for our accessible spa and beauty model in many centres around the UK, and we are very ambitious to take our 16 years of experience in successful spa operations to a wider UK market. We hope that our clients and investors will join us by becoming part owners of our wonderful company and share in the next phase of our exciting journey.”


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