Best value options for digital marketing

What are the best value options for digital marketing?

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  1. If you pay for digital marketing services, you can be charged anything between £250- £2500 a month, depending on how many different options you have chosen. Whether or not that’s good value depends truly on your ROI.

    But if we are strictly talking about the cost, here are some best value digital marketing options for small businesses in my opinion.

    Content marketing: Although it is time consuming, it is the best form of digital marketing you can do for your business.

    Create a content calendar for every month with ideas for informative blogs,and social media posts for the month.
    Once you have a plan, it is much easier to follow it. If you don’t have the time to write the blogs yourself, use a professional copywriter or agency. Do not copy paste content from other website.

    Social media: Social media marketing isn’t just for the B2C businesses, B2B businesses can also benefit from social media. Create your profile on at least the 2 major platforms – Twitter and Facebook. Use these fan pages as your shopfront.

    You can take advantage of social media tools like Hootsuite and Buffer for free. Also think about investing in Facebook ads, you can do much more targeted ads for cheaper with Facebook compared to Google AdWords.

    Email marketing. Email marketing is flexible, cost-effective and easy to measure. You can easily drive traffic to your site, and stay in frequent contact with your customers and prospects.

    Try sending a quarterly newsletter to your prospects. Email marketing services like Mailchimp lets you create branded email templates with just a few clicks.

    Analytics: You should always look into the traffic history of your site using Google analytics. There are websites like dashboardjunkie that lets you create custom dashboards for Google Analytics so that you have all the information you need under the same dashboard, for free! You can automatically schedule the reports to be sent to you on a weekly/monthly basis.

    SEO: A good SEO agency does not come cheap, but there are some basic SEO that you can do yourself. Start by reading The Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz which will provides comprehensive information you need to get on the road to SEO.

    If you do decide to use an agency, be wary of deals that sound too good to be true. Always remember that a good SEO company can never guarantee results due to the constantly changing nature of the industry.

    There are some shady SEO tactics can get ‘instant results’ by gaming the system, but those tactics can hurt you in the long run. Lost rankings on Google can take months to recover.

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