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Romania is more of an underrated destination for visitors of all kinds, but it’s got plenty to shout about, with lush forests and hills along with history and culture (including Dracula’s Castle). Travel the breadth of the country with a huge mass transit network, but transport is especially efficient and cheap in the capital, Bucharest. Food and drink are cheap too – a loaf of fresh white bread is Lei4.57 (81p).

The people of Romania are very friendly towards expats and visitors, feeding them local delicacies and moonshine.

Name of visa: Long-stay visa (symbol D)

Length of stay: One year

Can I extend my stay? Yes – can renew for another year

Visa fee: EUR 120 (£107)


  • The applicant derives income from a foreign company and is able to work using information or communication technology
  • The applicant can also be the owner of a company incorporated outside of Romania and can work remotely
    • Medical insurance with a coverage of at least EUR 30,000 (£26,500) for the entire duration of the stay
  • Proof of accommodation in Romania, usually in the form of a rental agreement

Minimum salary: At least three times the average gross monthly income in the country (EUR 3,300, £2,900) for the last six months prior to submitting the visa application and for the entire duration of the stay;

How to apply: Create an account on the Romanian eVisa platform and apply from there. Alternatively, you can go through the foreign ministry website or through the local Romanian Embassy.

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