The All-In-One Trade Business Toolkit
Run your business better. Improve your work-life balance

It can be tough to find the time to sit down between jobs and get your admin done, from sending timely quotes and invoices to dealing with paperwork, customers, and suppliers.

That means these tasks end up eating into your personal life, making it difficult to strike a healthy work-life balance. The result? Increased stress, late payments, missed opportunities, and unhappy customers.

But there is a solution… Small Business Pro (SB Pro) was created to give busy builders, plumbers, and electricians like you more time to focus on what matters: your business, and yourself.

SB Pro is your comprehensive toolkit for all trade business needs

This powerful platform combines:

Effortless platform for invoicing and customer-management

Affordable payments solution, providing you with access to the lowest processing rates on the market

Expert tailored business advice and essential insurance

Enjoy all these benefits, and more, for an affordable monthly fee.

Features and benefits built for builders, plumbers and electricians
No need to mess around with multiple providers. SB Pro gives you everything you need to run your trade business in one place for a single monthly fee.
Streamlined admin

Built-in quote and invoices

Convert your customer quotes into professional-looking invoices in just a few clicks.

Manage your pipeline

Manage your pipeline of jobs, send proposals and book appointments via our easy-to-use small business platform.

Customer relationship management

All payments data is automatically fed into your CRM, so you can easily track your customer history and stay on top of your invoices.

Choose your plan

Whether you’re a one-man band or you manage a team of tradespeople, we have a plan for you. Only pay for what you need. Don’t worry, you can cancel any time!

Sole trader

(excl employment disputes)


(Incl of VAT)


1 to 30 employees

(incl employment disputes)


(Incl of VAT)



Your burning questions, answered

Our brand-new membership will transform the way you do business and save you hundreds of pounds each year by offering all the tools you need to start, run, and grow your business on one easy-to-use platform and for a fraction of the price of most competitors.  

For example, CRM platforms (customer relationship management platforms) start at around £16 per month alone (and can often cost a lot more). In addition to that, a payment solution could cost you up to £87.50 per month if you’re processing £5,000 of transactions with an average transaction fee of 1.75%.  

With Pro, you’ll get a CRM platform, low-cost payment solution, virtual healthcare services and much more from just £39.99 per month. Not to mention, our payment solution offers one of the lowest transaction rates on the market at just 1.25% per transaction. 

Yes, our benefits not only benefit you but your employees too. You’ll need to purchase our employee membership (which is £45 a month).  

For our customer management you can add as many team members as you like. For your personal healthcare benefits, we cover you and one employee as part of your membership fee, but you’ll need to pay a small top up fee for additional employees. 

A lot of your membership is managed online. However, there are some services you can access via phone, for example, our 24/7 advice helpline.  

You can also contact our small business experts via phone on +44(0) 207 846 1378 should you need any help regarding your membership. 

In addition, we run several small business events and awards throughout the year where you can connect with local peers. Small Business Pro is more than just a subscription, it’s a community. 

Yes, of course!  

If you think a Pro membership might be better suited to you and your business, call our small business team on 44(0) 207 846 1378 and they’ll upgrade your membership for you. 

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