Best entrepreneur YouTube channels to follow

Start Series

Social media platforms are great spaces for entrepreneurs.

Unlike other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and newcomer, TikTok, YouTube has longer videos, often 15 minutes or more. This allows for more in-depth tutorials and analysis. For those with less time, the platform is attempting to compete with it’s quick-time competitors with #Shorts, giving YouTubers a new way to be creative.

Far from wasting time, entrepreneurs can get inspiration, motivation and insights into certain elements of business, such as marketing.

YouTube is also a great place to interact with people and there needn’t be any restriction by geography. As of 2021, YouTube has 2m users, up from 800m users in 2012. Among the top ten biggest viewers, the United Kingdom averages the most views per person.

You don’t even need to know the person – many people follow celebrities, influencers and other public figures.

Some follow famous business names from around the world, gaining wisdom from their daily entrepreneurial habits, how-to posts and what they do in their spare time. Here are a few channels that you can subscribe to for valuable, entrepreneurial content.      

Start Series
  1. Erin May Henry
  2. Roberto Blake
  3. Gary Vanyerchuk
  4. Marie Forleo
  5. Piers Linney
  6. Simon Sinek
  7. James Altucher
  8. Carrie Green
  9. Tej Lalvani