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Spain is becoming the hotspot for digital nomads as you can extend your stay for up to five years.

As well as good weather and good food, Spain has a rich culture. Go and see some flamenco, The Alhambra or the world-famous La Garda Familia in Barcelona (as well as Gaudi’s other work). It can be pretty easy to travel between different parts of Spain as the country is well-connected by public transport.

If nothing else, go for the tapas – you might even be given a complimentary dish such as patatas bravas.

The pace of life is generally slower if you live outside of the major cities and remember to factor siesta time into your operations.

Name of visa: Remote work visa

Length of stay: One year

Can I extend my stay? Yes – can be extended to five years.


  • You must prove that you’re an international worker who wants to settle in Spain
  • If you’re earning additional income in Spain, it can’t make up more than 20 per cent of your overall income
  • Must have employment record of at least three years and/or have graduated from university
  • Must have a health insurance policy for at least one year. If it’s a private policy, it must be with a company authorised to offer insurance in Spain

Minimum salary: Income must be at least 200 per cent of Spain’s minimum income (£22,000 at time of writing)

How to apply: Visit your nearest Spanish consulate or you can start your application in Spain as a tourist. You can fast-track your application to be processed in 20 days rather than three months.

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