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Steve Howard – striker to investment adviser

With the average Premier League footballer’s salary being £3m a year with a weekly wage of £60,000, it’s no wonder young footballers get into trouble with money – whether it’s wasting money on flashy cars or gambling.

And with the average career of a professional footballer lasting just eight years and facing retirement in their mid-30s, the actual earning window of soccer stars is brief.

So who better to ask for investment advice than somebody who’s literally worn the shirt?

Steve Howard played in the Premier League for Derby County, as well as in the Championship for Luton Town and Leicester City before hanging up his boots in 2013, aged 38.

In 2015 Steve Howard set up Platinum Capital Investments to help fellow players invest their earnings. Howard himself is invested heavily in property as a landlord.

Howard, who mostly works through word-of-mouth referrals, travels around the country meeting players on a confidential basis, while he also works with high-net worth individuals outside the game.

The 45-year-old told NS Business in 2018 that his goal was to educate young players about how to prepare for retirement and make sure they have another income, wishing he’d had that same advice when he was their age.

“With the amount of money even in the Championship, the lads are going out buying cars and all sorts. Fair enough, they’ve got to enjoy their money but in the background, you have to have something ticking over to fall back on.

“When you stop playing, you know you’ll never get that high you get from scoring in front of 80,000 people so you need something to focus your mind on.”

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