Securing business investment

Startup Funding and Grants

Why won’t investors back your small business?

Matthew Cushen, co-founder at Worth Capital, explores what makes a small business right for venture capital investors.

Alternative finance

5 reasons why SEIS and EIS are the best funding routes for tech startups

Tax-based startup funding raised through the Government’s SEIS and EIS schemes is amplified if you work with a tech startup specialist, argues Alistair Marsden.


How I secured my first round of seed funding – podcast

Anna Jordan meets Michael Rossman, company director of EnergyBillKill, to discuss how he secured his first round of seed funding.

Startup Funding and Grants

How can we get businesses and investors speaking the same language?

There seems to be confusion around what businesses think investors are looking for in a strong management team, and what investors are actually looking for, argues Nigel Walker, head of innovation lending at Innovate UK.

Startup Funding and Grants

Seven secrets to securing investment for growth

If you’ve never approached angels or VC firms before, it can be a daunting – and time-consuming – process. Here, Andrew Clough of The Brew discusses how to go about it.

Startup Funding and Grants

A guide to boosting your investment chances

Greg Gormley of Bink tells us how small businesses can boost their chances of getting investment.


Investors looking to support British businesses this tax year

More than half of investors want to throw their weight behind supporting British business in the next tax year (2017/18).

Startup Funding and Grants

What to look for in an investor and why there’s more to it than money

In this piece, James Oakes looks at five key criteria for a great investor.

Business Ideas & Planning

Information memorandum

I have been asked for an 'information memorandum' but am struggling to understand how this differs from the business plan. Could you please advise?

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Streamlining document management for your small business

David Malan, sales director of DocuWare for the UK and Ireland, explains how the platform can streamline your document management

Business Loans

A guide to getting a small business loan

Everything you need to know on what small business loans are and what types of loan are available for your business.

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Why you need a business bank account

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5 things every small business owner needs to know before starting

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