Archive of articles and guides on Value Added Tax (VAT) issues for UK small business owners. Topics covered include charging VAT on services and goods, VAT registration, thresholds, taxable turnover, dealing with mistakes and HMRC, and many other related questions.


HMRC’s new digital VAT rules – 6 steps for submitting tax returns correctly

This handy checklist will give you the lowdown on how to comply with HMRC’s rollout of Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT.


Making Tax Digital exemptions deadlines are unrealistic

Guidelines for those wishing to register as exempt for Making Tax Digital have been announced but these leave little time to apply according to one tax body


Should I charge my clients VAT?

Here, Emily Coltman of Freeagent answers a reader's query on whether they should charge clients VAT.


VAT registration: the facts

Utterly stumped by Value Added Tax? Here's everything you need to know about VAT registration.


The complex VAT mistakes your business could be making

In this article, we will take a closer look at the most common issues faced by companies relating to VAT.


Deregistering for VAT: How do I go about it?

I registered for VAT voluntarily when setting up my business and would like to deregister. I have stock at the moment of around £3,500 in cost value. What are the implications of this?


Advice on getting a VAT refund for your business

Here, we look at what you need to do to get a VAT refund.


Extra £3.4 billion collected from SMEs for underpayment of VAT

£3.4 billion was collected from enquiries into SMEs for underpayment of VAT, as part of HMRC’s crackdown on tax evasion.


Flat rate VAT plans are confusing businesses, warns Stafford accountancy firm

Small businesses report confusion over the governments proposed changes to flat rate VAT charges coming into effect April 1st.


Innocent small businesses may suffer from crackdown on VAT abuse

New government scheme to crackdown on VAT abuse could backfire on compliant small businesses.


Businesses owe £2.6 billion in unpaid VAT bills

Tax deadlines continue to pose a struggle for small business owners after it is shown they owe billions in unpaid VAT bills.


Managing VAT: A small business guide

Iain Masterton gives key pointers on what small businesses need to do to be VAT compliant, how best to minimise VAT payments and maximise available reliefs.

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