Why team building is an important investment for start-ups

Here, we take a look at why team building activities can help create a bond between your staff, increase motivation and improve productivity.

In recent years, start-ups and fast growing companies have valued the importance of team building. Can a one time activity such as team building days out really directly impact a company’s success?
In this article, Team Tactics will discuss why team building events remain one of the best investments a company can make.

Improve team member communication

If you have had many sit down company meetings, but feel like you have accomplished less than what was expected, it might show this is not the most effective method. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just express your opinions and thoughts to a co-worker, there needs be an exchange of information – a real conversation. Team building helps break down these boundaries and allows team members to approach with ease.

Promote positive relationships

Over the course of a working week, we spend over 40 hours with one another, so meaningful and healthy office friendships are bound to make the hours spent at work better. Making friends does not harm an employee’s productivity either. Happy, collaborative workers can focus on getting the job done due to their positive relationships with one another.

The term team building is synonymous with the word bonding between employees. Team building activities take place outside of the office environment, where they can comfortably unwind, work together and laugh out loud to solve complex puzzles and tasks.

Improve workplace productivity

Procrastination, distractions and multitasking are just a couple of reasons why employees are not as productive as they can be. One of the key reasons for team building days out is to help workers practice being focused to achieve a common goal in a limited time period. These are skills that are directly transferable to the workplace. To stress the importance of productivity, choose a team building exercise that uses a timer.

Boost creativity

For any business to survive in a competitive industry, it needs employees who can spark fresh ideas and add a new dimension to their organisation. While there are many issues that occur that top management can solve, there are some challenges that require employees who can think outside of the box. In your team building activity, encourage your employees to bounce ideas off one another.

Develop self confidence

Team building activities encourage employees to make use of their talents and skills while pulling together to succeed. Everyone has their own differences which make them unique. This interplay of different strengths can ultimately achieve great results. When the team building day is over, employees leave feeling accomplished and confident in their skills.

Final thoughts

The benefits of a team bonding will always outweigh the costs. Another way of looking at is to say ‘would you spend money on an activity that would dramatically improve how employees interact, whilst boosting productivity?’ So what are you waiting for? Get out of the office, get some fresh air, innovate and bond with your team.

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