Ten tips to make the most out of your business travel

Gavin Bailey from CitySuites tells us his top ten tips for a better, stress free business travel experience.

It’s no secret that when working in the business world, travel and working away occupies a lot of people’s lives. With this in mind, Gavin Bailey, operations director at CitySuites has outlined ten top tips to make sure you’re getting the most of your business trip.

Planning in advance (where possible!)

An efficient business trip begins way before any ticket is booked or any luggage is packed. Although we appreciate some of those last minute business trips can’t be pre-empted, we know that a lot of business travellers are used to be being on the move and therefore can plan their trips in advance.

Not only is this approach cost-effective, as you’ll skip being stung with last minute surge prices, but it gives you chance to scope out the facilities and the local area before you arrive.

Don’t become a creature of habit

Be on the lookout for a fresh approach to your business travel and don’t always rely on the usual accommodation style. Historically, hotels have always been the first pick for business travellers, yet there is so much more on offer in terms of accommodation when you’re working away.

With the rise of serviced apartments, which offer kitchens to cook home cooked meals and cosy furnishings, business travellers can look beyond hotels and create a real sense of home when they’re away on business. Knowing what’s on offer is key here and this information is easily accessed through quick Internet searches, asking colleagues for recommendations and looking at accommodation review sites.

Keep your routine up

Working away from home shouldn’t mean that you deviate from your usual routine, in particular fitness and your usual leisure activities. Making time to suss out how you can keep up your out of hours activities will help make sure that you don’t let what you enjoy, and what’s good for your well-being, slip.

Personal well-being

It goes without saying that working away from home and your usual home comforts can be stressful, so it’s key that you find ways to wind down. Remaining motivated and productive while working away can also be challenging, especially if you’re constantly on the move.

Finding the right kind of environment to get your head down, have that important conference call or to come up with those creative ideas is not always the easiest. Yoga and a good book also shouldn’t be shunned, as they’ve proven to be impactful when trying to switch off and regenerate.

Pack for downtime

With the above in mind, make sure you’re prepared to relax whilst on your travels. Working out, meditating or even just having downtime at your accommodation isn’t the same when wearing a suit! Whether it’s taking a walk around the local area to get your bearings or going for a run in the local park, taking some time away from the laptop and your room can do wonders for your emotional wellbeing.

Home away from home

Being away from your family, pets and just general home comforts isn’t ideal when you’re a business traveller. Bringing items that will make your temporary abode feel homely, whether that’s photos, candles, your dressing gown – or even your favourite mug – these small touches can make working away feel less alien.

Point building

Loyalty cards are not new, yet so underrated. Business travellers are pretty much on the go the majority of the time, meaning that having a loyalty card for your frequent watering holes could save you money and also get you some freebies.


Visiting a new city doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. If anything it should be seen as an opportunity to explore new areas. Whether that’s the theatre, sports, museums and galleries – all of the above will not only break up your travelling, but it will also expose you to new experiences and cultures.


We know that as business travellers there will be times that you’ll want to switch off, and taking the above into consideration, you shouldn’t be short for options. That being said, the UK has a huge network of business travellers that will be operating in the same locations making it a great opportunity to network with likeminded people.

Don’t change it if you like it

The key is to understand what your wants and needs are when it comes to business travel. Incorporating these into your decision making process will result in you maximising your business travel experience.

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