The best business books to read when starting a company

Here, we have compiled a list of well-written and informative business books to read during the summer heatwave.

Whether you’re already running your own start-up business or considering becoming your own boss and launching your own company, the summer heatwave can allow plenty of weekend thinking time as you enjoy a much needed dose of vitamin D. To help you make the most of August, we have compiled a list of well-written and informative business books. These should be your go-to considerations to pack alongside your picnic hamper. Written by everyone from business writers to Nobel Prize winners, they really hold their own for entrepreneurial advice this summer.

Tech savvy

The book: The Interim Revolution: How crowdsourcing, the on-demand Gig Economy and Teams as a Service are transforming business globally

Author: Pat Lynes

About: The Interim Revolution clearly explains what disruptive technology means to your company and what to do to close the capability and speed gap facing organisations today. The Interim Revolution explains crowdsourcing, the Gig Economy and how the Teams as a Service model can transform your company.

Relevant to: Interims, management consultants and management consulting, HR and human resources management, teams, business leadership skills development and top talent recruitment.

Available: Order a copy here.


The book: From Good to Amazing: No Bullshit Tips for The Life You Always Wanted

Author: Michael Serwa

About: From Good to Amazing is a collection of top life coach Michael Serwa’s top tips from different areas of personal development, written in a conversational and direct style, with a few personal stories here and there. The book is designed to give readers a compassionate kick in the butt, so they can become a better version of themselves, living happier and more fulfilling life. It’s a fresh take on self-help genre. It deals with some of the most serious parts of life in a light-hearted way (learning while laughing!), straight to the point and jargon-free. He shows them what they cannot see and tells them what no one else would dare to say.

Available: Order a copy here.


The book: Thinking, fast and slow

Author: Daniel Kahneman

About: Nobel Prize-winning Economic Scientist Daniel Kahneman has collated all of his ground-breaking research into one essential best-selling audiobook Thinking, Fast and Slow, which has been narrated by Patrick Egan. Your entire way of thinking and decision-making will be defied after reading this book. From the way in which you form your ideas to the reasons how and why these ideas came to you in the first place. Learn more about yourself and others as you are enlightened with Kahneman’s research.

Available: Order a copy here.


The book: Business for Bohemians: Live Well, Make Money

Author: Tom Hodgkinson

About: Whether you dream of launching your own start up or profiting from your creativity in your spare time, Business for Bohemians will equip you with the tools to turn your talents into a profitable and enjoyable business. Accounting need no longer be a dark art. You will become au fait with business plans and a friend of the spreadsheet. You will discover that laziness can be a virtue. Above all, you will realise that freedom from the nine-to-five life is achievable – and, with Hodgkinson’s comforting, pragmatic and extremely funny advice at hand, you might even enjoy yourself along the way.

Available: Order a copy here.

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