The ever-increasing necessity to choose the correct courier

Here, Rapid Parcel provides an infographic on the scale and future of the UK postal and courier industry.

As commerce companies rely increasingly on internet sales and deliveries, there are more benefits than ever to choose the correct courier service that will provide the best service at the lowest price. Different couriers are beneficial to different business due to the range of services available. A small business may benefit from entering into an agreement with a different company to one that a larger business should enter into.

Rapid Parcel, the comprehensive courier comparison site, has produced a helpful and attractive guide helping businesses better understand the permutations of intelligently choosing a courier service. Detailing key statistics and facts, the infographic demonstrates how the courier industry has grown in recent years and the extent to which it is expected to grow.

The delivery and collection practises of Britons are also explored to given businesses a better idea of how their customers are shopping and receiving goods. This can help shape the decision of small business as to the best courier service for them to use.  

With online sales in the UK to hit the £5 billion mark this year, the growing industry is now worth a staggering £3,000,000,000,000.

When starting a new online venture or expanding a small e-commerce, the courier decision is as pertinent as the location choice for a brick and mortar establishment. Courier charges could be the difference between being a financially viable and successful venture and a non-functional endeavour.


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