How traditional businesses make the step to online sales

Here, we offer tips on the processes to get in place to facilitate online sales.

Despite the economic turbulence of the early 2010s, the UK’s online economy has proven increasingly robust. For example, the number of eBay millionaires has risen by 50 per cent since 2013 – from 443 to 663.

An eBay millionaire is defined as a business registered on with a turnover of £1 million or more. According to the latest data from the marketplace, the rising number of millionaires has been driven by booming online sales of fashion, furniture and electronics.

But the prevalence of such operators belies the fact that many businesses still don’t have a website which is surprising in this day and age. It may be the case that your business is a high street operator that relies on walk-in trade, but traditional businesses such as these can really benefit from having an online presence and giving themselves a better chance to be found.

But how can a business go from being a traditional operator to selling solely online? There are a few key considerations to make.

A functional and attractive website

In order to maximise your online sales, you have to be conscious of the whole of the customer’s journey, from arriving at your site through to completing their order. If any stage of this chain is below par, they can easily lose interest, causing you to lose out to a competitor. That’s why a seamless online experience needs to be offered, as can be seen at The company has built a trusted brand which offers a range of roof windows, blinds and accessories, making the best use of its online medium.

You too must make sure you have a website that is user-friendly, well-designed and, ultimately, easy for customers to order through. To ensure you have a good-looking website, there are many website builders, such as Squarespace and Wix, that offer a low-cost subscription service and allow you to get your branding across in an effective way.

Next, your payment procedures needs to be on point. You’ll need a merchant account and payment gateway to process the payments. Are you offering as many ways to pay as possible, from PayPal to debit card? Is your online security on point? For more information on taking online payments, check out our article here.

Thirdly, you need to be able to be found to make the sales in the first place. Make sure you’re listing on Google My Business and any other relevant local directories and that you have a social media presence. Generating content regularly on your site will give you things to talk about through social channels and give people a reason to visit your site, and in turn buy from you.

Overall, make sure you are using online to display your product in the best light. This means the best photography possible, perhaps video content to make it easier for visitors to understand your offering, and a seamless browsing experience. Putting it all together will mean a greater chance of a sale.

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