John Bromley is Head of Digital Media at Vitesse Media plc.


New product helps businesses launch an online store in 30 days

From the SuiteWorld annual show in Las Vegas, SmallBusiness.co.uk looks at the new SuiteCommerce product, which aims to facilitate the process of launching an online business.


SuiteWorld launches to help businesses think global

The Las Vegas SuiteWorld event aims to help businesses grow and flourish in an increasingly globalised business scene.


Small businesses see tech as key to their advantage over large firms

Four fifths of small companies believe their ability to optimise processes quickly gives them a distinct advantage over large firms when implementing technology-led initiatives.


Good news for exports as Brand Britain is revealed to be valuable concept

Products labelled 'Made in Britain' command a considerably higher premium when sold abroad than those with no declared country of origin, research finds.

Buying and selling a company

Acquisitions: The perfect union

Chris Ingram has considerable experience of building and managing rapid-growth firms and is widely regarded as the inventor of the modern media agency. According to Ingram, buying a business is the easy bit - it's what you do after that counts.