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15 ways to improve cash flow

Here, we present some top tips for start-ups and SMEs on how to improve your processes and manage your cash flow smartly.


Tax relief and fintech could help self-employed to save more into pension

Government is adapting its strategy to deal with self-employed pension crisis.


Tech business owners warn of Brexit threat to their sector

The letter, signed by small business tech owners, says leaving the EU means companies face a risk of becoming hard to create and fund.

Employing & managing staff

Eight employment law changes to consider in 2019

The gender pay gap, minimum wage levels and pension contributions will require increased attention by employers in 2019

Business management

Watch our new animated videos on valuing your business and managing your accounts

Our three minute animated video will show you as a business owner how you can accurately value your business.

Buying and selling a company

Here are 14 negotiating tips you need to know when buying a business

If you decide that buying an existing business is preferable to starting your own then you'll need to haggle to secure the very best deal. Your negotiation strategy could then be the key to future prosperity.

Business Loans

Thousands of small businesses just got a better chance of getting funded

The peer-to-peer loan market will now be more available to smaller firms.

Business Ideas & Planning

The essential guide to setting up a pop-up shop in the UK

In this guide we explain the key things small businesses need to consider when setting up a pop-up shop in the UK.

Office & home working

Why are you spending thousands on your office refit?

Here, we talk to a tech start up that improved a key room and saved thousands of pounds in the process.


Goldman Sachs offering free programme to help small businesses succeed

Investment bank behemoth is offering a free programme for small businesses in the UK – here's how you apply.

Business management

Lack of managerial skill ’causes problems for staff’

Bad management can lead to stress and other problems for employees, according to an employment expert.


2018 British Small Business Awards winners revealed

The winners of the British Small Business Awards 2018 have been announced.