Here’s how you use free software to manage cash flow

A reader asks how they can use free software (with no monthly fee) to manage cash flow in their property business which is seasonal.

With the ‘always on’ economy, small business owners can benefit from mobile technology by forecasting their cash flow while on-the-go.

There are free apps for tablets and smartphones which help manage cash flow efficiently. Tablets in particular are rising in popularity among small businesses, enabling users to manage their business while on the move. This may be particularly useful as you mention you work in property, so might be helpful if you are on site, with limited access to a desktop computer.

Cash flow calculations

Here are just a few useful apps that should make it quick and easy to manage and track your cash flow. These can be run on any tablet which feature the two main operating systems (Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android).

inDinero (available with Apple iOS)

A cloud-based financial tracking app, inDinero will help you monitor cash flow by pulling information from various bank or credit card accounts to give a comprehensive view of your business finances. The free version tracks 50 transactions every 30 days.

CashFlow Free (available with Apple iOS or Google Android)

A simple asset management app, CashFlow Free allows you to manage your daily cash incomes and outgoings, bank and credit card accounts. It is easy to use and small businesses can check daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports to keep on top of cash flow.

Shoeboxed (available with Apple iOS or Google Android)

If expenses is the main area of cash flow that you need to manage, an easy way to document receipts and generate expense reports is by using the app Shoeboxed. It allows users to take photos of receipts and organise expenditure. Time is saved on tax return preparation, expense reports, budgeting and bookkeeping


This visual cashflow software forecasting service automatically updates small businesses’ accountancy data so forecasts can be worked out quicker.

Accounting Software

Free apps are great but tend to be limited. After using one, you may decide to make an investment in accounting software which will provide additional functionality. We always recommend using the right software packages for your business.

There are simple and cost effective options available, for example Sage, Intuit Quickbooks, Xero and Freeagent. Most paid accounting software options also offer a free trial for businesses to test out their services, while Freeagent is completely free with any Natwest or RBS business bank account, which is especially useful for new businesses and start-ups, who might want to avoid monthly fees while they are starting out.

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