Peter is the founder and group managing director of Peninsula Business Services, established in 1983.

Employing & managing staff

The benefits of employing apprentices for small companies

At the start of National Apprenticeship Week, Peter Done looks at the practicalities of taking on an individual.

Employing & managing staff

I have found the right job candidate. Can I cancel other interviews?

I am in the process of interviewing candidates for a job, but after the first couple I feel that I have found the perfect person for the position. However, I have other interviews set up. Do I have to follow through with these?

Employing & managing staff

What is the minimum holiday entitlement for staff?

What is the minimum holiday entitlement we need to provide staff and should that include bank holidays? Also does this information need to be included within HR documentation?

Office & home working

Employee is not performing to his potential

I have an employee with questionable performance and I think now would be a good time to address the issue. How do I proceed?

Office & home working

Employee has a second job – What are the legal limits for working hours?

I have an employee who works 39 hours but he is planning to regularly work 12 hours in a second job over the weekend. Does his extra job pose a problem to the number of hours he is legally allowed to work?

Employing & managing staff

How do I crack down on lateness?

I have an employee who recently has been late three times despite me having an informal chat. We are only a small business and it puts pressure on the rest of the staff. What action do I take?

Office & home working

How do I respond to a flexible working request?

I've received a flexible working request from a full-time member of staff. Do I need to take their request seriously?

Office & home working

Employee does not handle stress very well 

I have an employee who despite her best efforts does not tackle her adverse reaction to stress very well. What can I do to assist her and if no improvement is shown what are my options?

Buying and selling a company

Dealing with existing staff in an acquired business

I am about to acquire a second business which already has existing employees. What do I need to be aware of in terms of HR procedures and inheriting the policies of existing staff?

Business management

Raising the appeal procedure with members of staff 

Why must employees be informed of an appeal procedure after being disciplined?

Employing & managing staff

Under what legislation is my overseas employee working?

I have to send an employee to work in France on a full-time basis over a 12 month contract. He will also be living there throughout this time but he is employed by us in London. Is he managed by UK employment law or French legislation?

Employing & managing staff

Preventing illegal working: Changes to employer obligations

Peter Done discusses recent changes to the obligation for businesses to run checks to ensure employees are not illegal workers.