Peter is the founder and group managing director of Peninsula Business Services, established in 1983.

Employing & managing staff

Can I recoup training costs when an employee leaves?

Can I introduce a policy that allows me to recoup the costs of training from staff who leave within a period of time? This has been a problem for me in the past and I want to try and save money if possible while retaining staff.

Employing & managing staff

What incentives can I put in place to boost morale and retain staff?

Our business is picking up, however we still wish to be cautious with pay increases and envisage freezing wages this year. Are there any low-cost incentives that will help us maintain morale and assist with retaining staff?


Employees feel KPIs are unattainable

We started introducing key performance indicators recently. Many of our employees easily surpass targets, but two individuals believe the targets are unattainable. What options do we have considering we believe the employees are not up to the job?

Employing & managing staff

What is the best method of performance appraisal?

How do I get my employees to benefit from appraisals, to better themselves and improve productivity?

Legal advice

Can I dismiss an employee who is contracted to another company?

I have a member of staff who is contracted as a cleaner to another company, but I have recently had complaints from both parties that him working there is causing problems. Can I dismiss him or do I need to look for alternatives?

Employing & managing staff

Reducing an employee’s hours from full time to part time

What is the process if I need to reduce the hours of someone from full time to part time? Do I issue them with a letter and how much notice do I need to provide?

Employing & managing staff

How can I stop staff from asking for last-minute holidays?

What measures can I put in place to prevent employees from either asking for last minute holidays or calling in sick? We always receive a spike in requests when the weather is good.

Employing & managing staff

Employee doesn’t work well in a team

I have an employee who just will not work well in a team, as an individual his work performance is excellent but once tasked with working within a group he creates tension and refuses to work with a number of individuals. I do not wish to dismiss the employee as he is a consistent worker but I'm not happy about his attitude to team work.

Employing & managing staff

Is an unofficial smoking break fair on non-smokers?

I have a number of workers that smoke and I let them normally have a five-minute unofficial smoke break in the afternoon. However, one of my employees, who is a non-smoker, has complained that it is unfair they are not allowed an extended break. Am I in the wrong?

Employing & managing staff

Two of my employees have been overpaid for the last month

My accounts manager has informed me that two of my employees have been overpaid for the last month. How can I rectify this mistake and get the excess money paid out refunded?


Can I put the business in my wife’s name?

I am registered for VAT and run a shop in a partnership with my wife. We are thinking of importing goods to sell online from Germany. Can we put the online business in my wife's name so we don't have to worry about VAT until turnover exceeds £77,000?

Employing & managing staff

Can I ask staff members to go self-employed?

I employ two members of staff and sub-contract out some work. I wish to semi-retire and just use a sub-contractor. Do I have to make employees redundant and can I continue trading or can I ask them to go self-employed?