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Create & Cultivate

Create & Cultivate is ideal for women entrepreneurs who want a community to share tips and ideas with. They run events too


Followers: 720,000

Create and Cultivate is a US-based community of women entrepreneurs, posting written content, podcasts and advertising their events for members and followers.

It also has life advice such as avoiding burnout and how to build a success mindset, shout-outs for competitions and interviews with female founders.

Create & Cultivate put a real emphasis on mindset being key to starting up a business. Stories are made up of news, info on influential women and guidance for interacting with the community while Reels highlights influential women at business events. IGTV has lots of how-to guides set out in digestible chunks, including a regular Self-care Sunday feature.

Create & Cultivate put up relatable posts and tweets that followers can really identify with.

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Anna Jordan

Anna is Senior Reporter, covering topics affecting SMEs such as grant funding, managing employees and the day-to-day running of a business.

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