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Montevido, Punta del Este (the ‘Ibiza of Uruguay’) and Colonia del Sacramento are among the most popular destinations for digital nomads residing in Uruguay. If you want to go further afield, Buenos Aires, Argentina, is only two hours away by ferry.

Montevido’s beaches and rambla are worth exploring, but make time for the Barrio Historico, a World Heritage site and Colonia del Sacramento’s main attraction. Enjoy a traditional asado (open-fire barbecue), hiking on the sand dunes of Punta del Diablo and whale spotting from beaches around the country.

Uruguyan delicacies include chivito (steak sandwich with fried egg and other fillings), moron relleno (roast pepper stuffed with cheese, olives and optional ham), dulce de leche, Principe Humberto (dessert with meringue, Marie biscuits, double cream and dulce de leche) and torta frita (deep fried doughnut-like dough).

There aren’t a great number of co-working spaces in Uruguay – a few in Montevido and a couple in Punta del Este. However, Ookla says that the average fixed broadband speed in Uruguay is 118.11mbps, ranking 28th in the world, so you should be fine working from your accommodation.

Here’s a brief rundown of the cost of living:

  • Three-course meal for two at mid-range restaurant – 2,000 UYU (£42)
  • 1 litre of regular milk – 42.46 UYU (88p)
  • 500g loaf of fresh white bread – 104.32 UYU (£2.18)
  • One-way ticket on public transport – 48.40 UYU (£1)
  • Basics (electricity, heating, etc) for 85m squared flat – 5,336.76 UYU (£111.50)
  • Rent for one-bed flat in the city centre – 22,046.55 UYU (£459)


The digital nomad visa


The visa application is in Spanish, but you can use the translator on your web browser to change it to English. Complete the form after entering Uruguay as a regular tourist. Note that this visa is still in the early stages so could be subject to change.

Name of visa: Provisional Identity Sheet

Fees: 400 UYU (£9) – can’t be paid from a non-Uruguyan bank account

Length of stay: Six months

Can I extend my stay? Yes – for a further six months. Can also apply for a permanent residency


  • Clean criminal record
  • Vaccination certificate issued in Uruguay
  • A user account
  • Affidavit to prove you can support yourself financially

Minimum salary: None

How to apply: Online at https://www.gub.uy/tramites/hoja-identidad-provisoria. You will receive your permit within ten days of paying your application fee

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