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It goes without saying that Ecuador is worth visiting for the Galapagos Islands alone. But again, it has a variety of climates – everything from mountains to cities to dry forests to tropical jungles. It’s all easily accessible too – a short drive can take you across half of the country. It’s a grand location for weekend trips.

The moderate all-year-round temperature make trekking and outdoor sports popular, but bear in mind that there are variations in the weather between different parts of the country.

Ecuador runs on the US dollar – again, this makes it easy to swing by the bureau du change before you head off.

Lots of rental and working spaces are available so you’ve got plenty of options on where to work when you’re out there. Ookla shows that Ecuador has a fixed broadband speed of 56.69mbps, placing it 76th in the world.

Eat encocado de pescado (fish with coconut sauce), cuy asado (grilled guinea pig), llapingachos (potato patties stuffed with cheese) and mote pillo (corn and scrambled eggs)

Some of the living costs are listed below:

  • Three-course meal for two at mid-range restaurant – $30 (£23.50)
  • 1 litre of regular milk – $1.07 (84p)
  • 500g loaf of fresh white bread – $1.59 (£1.25)
  • One way ticket on public transport – $0.35 (27p)
  • Basics for 85m squared flat – $46.84 (£37)
  • Rent for one-bed flat in the city centre – $353.44 (£278)


The digital nomad visa


Name of visa: Rentier temporary residence visa

Fees: $320 (£254)

Length of stay: Up to two years

Can I extend my stay? Not stated


  • Passport valid for at least six months
  • Valid health insurance
  • Clean police record

Minimum salary: Three times the country’s basic income which would mean currently you’d need a monthly income of at least £1,130.

How to apply: Online at https://www.gob.ec/mremh/tramites/concesion-visa-residencia-temporal-rentista

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