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The small business loans section has in-depth advice articles and guides on how and where start-up companies and SMEs can get a UK business loan, whether from established commercial finance providers, online providers or even family and friends. are working in partnership with Funding Options to help you find the right finance for your business.

A business loan can be sought for many reasons but is typically used to either: start a new enterprise, fund expansion, fund major capital expenditures, or to cover operational costs that a company may otherwise be unable to afford (i.e. for cash flow reasons).

There are two key categories of loan – secured or unsecured – and both types can be made available over short, medium or long-term periods. There are a wide variety of lenders servicing the many different niches and almost all will usually approve business loans based upon the financial strength of the borrowing business and its perceived ability to earn a profit.

Borrowing money is a major step for a company and almost inevitably introduces a raised level risk. However, taking on debt in the form of a loan is also one of the commonest forms of financing small business operations. Our experts write about business loans from the perspective of the UK SME community and our aim is to help readers understand how small business loans work, the many options available, and how to compare and choose between them.

Ultimately, though, a business loan may not always be the best finance option, so we also encourage readers to look at other routes such as grants and the ever expanding alternative finance channels.

Banks set to scrap plans for Bounce Back Loan debt collection agency

Lenders abandon plan for single emergency Covid-19 loan repayment agency, saying it would be too complicated

Business Loans

Business Loans

Microbusiness £50,000 Bounce Back Loans – how they work

Government announces 12-month interest-free microbusiness Bounce Back Loans scheme with £50,000 limit and 100% guarantee

Business Loans

Bounce Back Loan Scheme extended until the end of March

Chancellor also extends furlough scheme until end of April, as businesses reel from pandemic and possible no-deal Brexit

Business Loans

How do I apply for a Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan?

How to apply for the new Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan scheme to help small business survive during the COVID-19 outbreak

Business Loans

Writing off Bounce Back Loans would be best thing to do, say accountants

MPs say debt recovery plans for business loans remain ‘woefully underdeveloped’ in withering assessment of Bounce Back Loan scheme

Business Loans

A guide to getting a business loan during Covid-19 

Your business needs a government-backed loan but you don’t know where to begin. Funding Options works with 40+ lenders enabling you to make the best choice

Business Loans

How to get a bridging loan quote

A bridging loan is a useful tool if you need to buy stock in a hurry or you're awaiting payment. Here is everything you need to know

Business Loans

Banks may call in debt collectors to recoup unpaid Bounce Back Loans

High street banks want to outsource collection of Bounce Back Loans gone bad to debt collection agencies

Business Loans

Small businesses have average of just £9,000 left from Bounce Back Loan

Majority of small businesses expect what’s left from their COVID-19 Bounce Back Loans to run out by end of September

Business Loans

Small businesses should ‘only repay coronavirus debt once back in profit’

Centre-right thinktank Onward argues that HMRC could add debt repayment surcharge to tax owing on profitable businesses, leaving the rest untouched

Business Loans

Lloyds rapped for forcing Bounce Back Loans borrowers to open accounts

Lloyds Banking Group forced SME owners to open fee-charging business accounts if they wanted to borrow state-backed emergency coronavirus funding

Business Loans

Banks ‘will be pushed’ into closing down SMEs unable to repay Covid debt

Treasury turns deaf ear to setting up bad Covid debt bank, pushing banks into foreclosing on SMEs unable to repay government loans

Business Loans

Treasury pushes to double bounce back loan repayment period to 10 years

Banks resistant to extending bounce back loan repayment period because it creates more work and credit risk for them

Business Loans

City grandees call for small business Covid debt to be turned into tax owing

Government should convert £35bn worth COVID-19 debt gone bad into tax owing to save nearly 800,000 SMEs from going under, say 200 financial experts.

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