Fuel your small business with Uber Eats

This article explains what Uber Eats is and why you should use it for your small business

Whether your employees are working at the office or at home, mealtime can present a host of challenges for your small business. However, ordering meals for delivery with Uber Eats – to an office building or an office at home – can help keep your employees motivated and your customers engaged.

What is Uber Eats on Uber for Business?

With Uber for Business, small businesses can use the Uber Eats platform to provide meal solutions for employees, customers, and more. This includes ordering meals for delivery to an office, contributing to a corporate meal programme, or delivering snacks during a virtual event – Uber Eats can help in whatever ways work best for your business.

Uber Eats on Uber for Business can help grow your company in three main ways:

Meal programmes

On the Uber for Business dashboard, you can create a new meal programme and add employees. They can order using their business profile on the app, letting them automatically expense meals within policies set by your programme admin. Invite employees and define rules such as expense codes, spending allowances, delivery locations, delivery times, pick-up locations, and alcohol restrictions (availability may vary).

Vouchers with Uber Eats

Use a voucher to provide a credit to use for Uber Eats or Rides. Set limits to make sure that credits are used at certain days and times and only pay for what’s used. Enable vouchers in your Uber for Business dashboard, then set programme rules like monetary amount, number of users, and start and end dates.

Gift cards

Give a gift card that the recipient can use for either Uber Eats or Rides. Send a gift card through the dashboard via text, email or print form. 

Why use Uber Eats for Business?

Employee engagement

It is important for small businesses to retain their workforce by keeping them motivated and engaged. Doing this through a meal programme can drive collaboration and productivity as well as strengthen team relationships.   

Customer engagement

Everyone loves food. Keep clients or prospective customers well fed in meetings (in person or virtually) or use Uber Eats to help drive sales and increase purchase value.

Variety in meals

Uber Eats is partnered with over 780,000 restaurants globally, ranging from well-known chains to independent eateries, so employees and customers will have a wide variety of meal options to choose from.

How can small businesses use Uber Eats on Uber for Business?

Employee meals

Create an employee meal programme so that they can regularly order from the Uber Eats platform. Employees working together can add their selections to a group order for simplicity.

Virtual events

Use Uber vouchers to allow attendees to purchase lunch during the event.

Client and team meetings

Send potential customers, regular clients, or employees a voucher to order food during a meeting for an extra-memorable experience.

Promo and incentives

Drive sales, engage customers, and increase purchase amounts using incentives. 

Employee morale

Show appreciation for employees or boost morale with a voucher or gift card for Uber Eats.

How do I get started?

To get started, set up a free account with Uber for Business. Once you’ve confirmed your account details and signed in, you can add a default payment method and link your account to an existing expense system, if applicable. No matter your goal, Uber Eats on Uber for Business can help keep your team and clients happy, fed, and productive. Sign up for a free Uber for Business account today.

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