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Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business is the knowledge hub for people who use Instagram for business. Learn how to use its features and get quick tips


Followers: 10.7 million

Instagram for Business is packed with handy tips on how to grow your business and maximise your revenue. Learn how to turn your Instagram posts into ads, get discovered on Reels or learn how to use the Insights tool. You’ll also find first-hand tips from other entrepreneurs and content from some famous faces, including a show called Boost my Business with Queer Eye’s Tan France.

The Stories have lots of practical advice about selling through Instagram and how to use your account to celebrate holidays with your followers, along with more guidance on what Instagram Reels are and how to use them, quizzes and how to use Instagram Insights for your content strategy.

Unlike other Instagram accounts, they have a Guides section including guides on How to move your business online as well as how to plan and create your content.

There’s loads of variety on Reels from how to create an emoji wallpaper, how to film yourself with natural light and how to add timed text to Reels.

IGTV has programmes and clips of podcast recordings for those who have a few extra minutes to absorb some more detailed info.

Even the in-bio links have extra tips like more ways to sell with checkout on Instagram and preparing your Instagram shop for holiday shopping.   

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Anna Jordan

Anna is Senior Reporter, covering topics affecting SMEs such as grant funding, managing employees and the day-to-day running of a business.

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