Live webinar – 5 practical steps to get ready for Making Tax Digital

We've teamed up with Sage to bring you a live webinar on everything Making Tax Digital (MTD). Here's what to expect and how to sign up

Small Business has teamed up with Sage to bring you a webinar to help you understand Making Tax Digital, how to prepare for it and guidance to make sure you’re compliant.

When: Thursday March 24, 12pm – 12:30pm

What is Making Tax Digital?

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is the shift from paper-based tax reporting to online tax reporting for UK businesses. It’s being rolled out in stages, with the next stage taking place in April 2022.

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What’s on the agenda?

Introduction: Lawrence Gosling, Editorial Director, Small Business

Lawrence Gosling, Editorial Director at Bonhill Group plc, will open the webinar and highlight the main areas of focus that will be discussed around Making Tax Digital

Presentation: SAGE, Making Tax Digital

In this presentation, Sage will present five practical steps businesses can take to get MTD right:

  • Know Your Dates – What are the dates I need to keep in mind post-1 April?
  • Know How to Comply – What do I need to do to be compliant with MTD for VAT changes?
  • Know Your Options – What’s the difference between accounting software and bridging software?
  • Know Why to Adopt – What are the benefits of adopting accounting software?
  • Know What to Adopt – What does Sage Accounting do for me and my businesses?

Fireside Chat: Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

In this fireside chat, we will explore all your questions around MTD, while providing any other information that your small business needs to know about getting the new tax submission system right. We will discuss:

  • Does MTD apply to all small businesses? Are there any exemptions?
  • What key things do SME owners need to do after April to ensure they get MTD right?
  • Does MTD mean more or less work for business owners compared to the previous tax system?
  • Do small businesses with an accountant still need to worry about MTD?
  • Will businesses pay more tax as a result of MTD?
  • Is accounting data less secure as a result of MTD?
  • Has the penalty system changed as a result of MTD?

Who are the speakers?

The following three people will be speaking at the online event:

Chris Downing

Director for Accountants & Bookkeepers, Sage

Chris joined Sage having been a partner at a top 100 accountancy firm. He brings nearly 20 years of hands-on experience and strategic insight of the profession, coupled with an infectious enthusiasm in the adoption of technology and Business Intelligence to improve reporting and drive innovation in the SME sector.

Becca Chappell

Project Manager – Compliance, Sage

As Product Manager for Compliance Knowledge at Sage, Becca has detailed expertise of compliance changes in the UK & Ireland. With a background of Accountancy in both Practice and Industry, she brings a dual perspective to any upcoming changes and shares her expertise with colleagues and customers to ensure product compliance and promote best practices.

Fabiano Rocha

UK&I Product Marketing Manager, Sage

Bringing years of experience in understanding customer needs to inform product development and marketing campaigns, Fabiano has delved into the challenges of the small business accounting to help self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs save time with admin tasks by adopting cloud accounting software.

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