Livestreaming: How to do it right

Here, we take a look at how small businesses can take advantage of new technology and use livestreaming to engage their audience.

Livestreaming is an excellent way to boost your social media engagement. However, not knowing how to make the most out of this tool can effectively kill your chances of achieving your goals. Read on for tips on how to livestream like a pro:

Promote the broadcast

Get the broadcast date and time out there. Interested fans and followers can mark the date, note it down in their schedules and be ready for you when the time comes. However, followers do get notifications when you start livestreaming so that’s should going to help as well.

Great descriptions count

Facebook suggests putting in a description that’s compelling and engaging enough that people will want to listen to your broadcast. Tap into what your audience likes. Know what topics hold their interest and you’ll have them clicking to watch your broadcast.

Have a strong connection

Poor connection isn’t ideal when you go live. People won’t stay around to watch your broadcast. If your video keeps dropping, you’ll lose your audience before you even get to the good parts. Also, if your connection goes weak, the Go Live button will turn grey and refuse to function. If you don’t want to deal with these hassles, pick a great carrier for a strong and reliable connection.

Ask them to follow you

Don’t forget to end with a reminder to have fans follow you, especially new ones. Followers get notifications so that’s going to make it easier for you to reach them the next time you do a broadcast.

Be personal

Respond to people’s comments on your video. Comments can generate conversations and net you even more followers and fans. Respond to them by name. That helps create a bond.

Go for longer videos

Longer videos tend to get more engagement and interest. Try going up to 10 minutes for a live video, longer if you can. So, long as you got an interesting topic or you’re providing fans with content they want to see, you’ll be fine.

Choose the right app

Many types of software provide livestreaming services. For example, the BlueJeans live stream Facebook software provides plenty of features that make it easy for teams to use the service for work. It’s also reliable so you know the program will work without any worries. Simple and easy to use, the multi-platform solution means you can easily live stream from any device using the app, with a host of other nifty features.

Give out teasers

Nothing whets people’s appetites more than teasers. If you’re launching a new service or product, use livestreaming to give out teasers or sneak peeks. Your audience will love it. This also helps you prepare the market for your launch and build up the anticipation to a fever pitch. By the time D-day comes, customers will be all but ready to buy your latest product or pay to give that new service a try.

Prepare a FAQ section

If you keep getting questions of the same kinds, it might be helpful to add to your FAQ section to settle those questions, once and for all. That way, if anyone else asks, you could always direct them to your FAQ page, where they could get detailed answers, the Social Media Examiner says.

Hold live Q&A sessions

It might also be helpful to set an Q&A session. Inform your fans ahead of time so they’ll be ready for when the Q&A starts. However, do this with care and caution. If you or the person you pick for the Q&A session isn’t very adept at handling questions, things could turn into a bloodbath real quick. Pick someone who’s in tune with the values of your brand and business, who can provide answers in a way that’s consistent with your brand’s personality, all while providing fans with satisfactory answers.

Stay authentic

If you’re doing the broadcasts, there’s only one rule to engage people: stay authentic. That’s what people look for. Authenticity. Sincerity. If you want your audience to stay engaged, keep that in mind.

Meet up with your group

If you already have a Facebook group for your business, then doing a broadcast for the group should be a no-brainer. Weekly updates should be enough to provide the group with information about the latest offers, items and sales on your store.

Be creative

There are plenty of ways to engage people about your business. Show them a live tour. Go live while you show them how their favourite desserts are prepared or how your makes those hand-crafted candles. Find ways to constantly snag your market’s interest.

Given how important social media has become for companies in the last few years, any team that knows how to take advantage of live streaming to boost their brand is going to be well ahead of the game. Make sure your team knows how.

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