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Lord Alan Sugar does not see how UK can leave EU on no-deal

Lord Sugar pours cold water on Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson’s talk of quitting EU ‘come what may’


Business owners not so sweet on Sugar job

The majority of SME owners would not accept a job working for Alan Sugar.


Where is the next Branson? 

As great as Richard Branson has been for championing entrepreneurship in the UK, it can't be right that he still remains this country's epitome of the successful, independent businessman.


Bosses take a sweeter approach than Sugar

The managerial style of Alan Sugar is out of vogue, as bosses say they have changed their leadership approach to become more consultative with staff.

Business management

Would you fire Alan Sugar?

Lord Sugar's description of small businesses that have been denied finance as 'moaners who live in Disney World' has led the Federation of Small Businesses to call for his resignation as business tsar. Here we ask entrepreneurs: is Alan Sugar the right man for the job?


Will Alan Sugar sweeten business prospects?

While any help singled out for small businesses should be welcomed, the appointment of Sir Alan Sugar as 'Enterprise Tsar' smacks of gimmicky desperation.


Sir Alan Sugar named as enterprise tsar

Sir Alan Sugar has been appointed as the UK's enterprise champion by prime minister Gordon Brown.


Sugar spearheads apprenticeship campaign

Sir Alan Sugar's attempts to promote the benefits of apprenticeships would seem timely, as a new survey reveals employers are largely unaware of government reforms to cut bureaucracy in the system.


SMEs not as trigger happy as Sir Alan

A survey by employment law specialists ELAS shows that more than four-fifths of owner/managers would never utter Sir Alan Sugar's dramatic catchphrase, 'you're fired'.

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How Microsoft Teams is helping small businesses stay nimble

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Six ways to boost your small company’s culture with technology

Getting the most from Microsoft Teams to help build a common purpose and connection within your business

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