Auto Enrolment

The Auto Enrolment small business archive.

Employing & managing staff

Workplace pensions and keeping staff auto enrolled

As the increase in auto enrolment contributions to workplace pension schemes kicks in employers face a challenge in persuading employees to stay within the schemes. The benefits outweigh the time spent encouraging them.


Free but at what cost? How to make auto enrolment easier

Auto enrolment is a necessity for British small businesses but it shouldn’t be onerous. Here, Garry Crackle from Opt Pensions, explores.


Small business owners don’t know what pension auto-enrolment is

A third of small business owners don’t know what pension auto-enrolment is despite looming deadline, study finds.

Accounts & Tax

TISA calls for a broadening of employees being auto enrolled

TISA calls for a broadening of employee auto-enrolment by phasing out the qualifying earnings lower limit and earnings trigger.

Accounts & Tax

Why are so many businesses missing their staging date?

Here, Garry Crackle at Opt dispels some of the pre-conceived myths many businesses might believe about auto-enrolment.


Millions of savers are being let down by auto-enrolment

Millions of British workers are being let down by the current auto-enrolment system and the rising retirement age.

Accounts & Tax

Pension changes causing confusion for half of UK small businesses

Many small businesses still do not fully understand the auto-enrolment rules, as this piece reveals.

Accounts & Tax

Accountants admit to poor auto enrolment knowledge for SME advice

Warning over small businesses workers' pensions as half of accountants admit to auto-enrolment knowledge failings

Employing & managing staff

Auto-enrolment and the pension impact on the smallest businesses

In this piece, in association with Boost Capital, we speak to companies about their thoughts on auto-enrolment and their advice to others about avoiding problems.

Employing & managing staff

Beating the auto-enrolment challenge as a small business

In this piece in association with KashFlow, we look at the challenges of auto-enrolment and talk to small businesses about their experience.


FSB: SMEs to be hit hard by pension reform

Automatic enrolment into a pension scheme will cost small businesses £2,550, the Federation of Small Businesses warns.

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How Microsoft Teams is helping small businesses stay nimble

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Six ways to boost your small company’s culture with technology

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