Business ethics


Paul Lindley: ‘I don’t think business is really about economics. It’s about psychology’

In this episode of Small Business Snippets, Anna Jordan meets Paul Lindley – author, campaigner and founder of Ella's Kitchen


Global business leaders forced to act against moral judgement

Business pressures have forced three quarters of business leaders to make a moral judgement against their own ethical principles in the last three years.


A question of ethics: Half of professionals made to feel uncomfortable

More than half of business professionals feel uneasy about “leaving their ethics at the door” at work, new research discovers.


British workers ‘put under pressure’ to act unethically in the office

New research reveals a quarter of UK workers have been put under pressure to act unethically at work, with talking behind a colleagues back and lying to hide mistakes being the most common.


Don’t sacrifice profits for higher ethical standards, say workers

Around half of UK workers believe companies can achieve higher environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards without sacrificing profitability, new research shows.

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