Business ownership

Business management

How to organise the structure of shareholders and directors

A clear and organised structure ensures each party understands their responsibilities and level of involvement when it comes to making decisions, says Stephen Newman of Ramsdens Solicitors

Starting a Business

Choosing your business ownership structure

It is important to consider every aspect of your business requirements before choosing a business ownership structure, says Stephen Newman of Ramsdens Solicitors

Legal advice

Writing a will: what business owners need to know about dividing assets

Alex Sealy, a wills and probate lawyer at Slater Heelis, discusses why it’s important for small business owners to think carefully about dividing their assets in their will.


Entrepreneur’s Relief changes could hit business owners hard

Business owners breathed a sigh of relief at the Budget when the Chancellor committed to keeping capital gains tax relief for entrepreneurs. But new 'tweaks' to the rules could have far wider implications than first thought. Helen Relf and Chloë Ellis, tax partners at accountants at RSM warn those exiting assets to seek advice straight away


Small business owners: embrace your creative freedom!

Here, I outline why you as a small business owner have more creative freedom than a corporate, even without the big budget.

Business management

Late payments do growing damage to business owners’ mental health

Late payments are becoming a greater source of mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression. Find out how to respond to the most common excuses for delayed payments.


Business ownership and how management teams can impact growth

How are management teams impacting growth, and where does the responsibility lie – with them or the owners? Here, Darren Holdway of Haines Watts discusses the matter.


UK’s aspiring business owners continue to grow in confidence

The future entrepreneurs of Britain feel confident about starting their business moving into 2017, new research reveals.


The real reasons Brits love being business owners

Business owners reveal what they love most about starting and owning their own business in a new study.


Bosses need to take a break

Bosses are finding it difficult to tear themselves away from the office while on holiday - if they can take any holiday at all...


Life is so much harder if you’re ambitious

By putting yourself on the line, you're increasing your chances of failure. In business, that can be a brutal experience.

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16 ways to improve your business cash flow

Read here for 16 tried and tested tips and tricks to improve potential cash flow problems

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Agility – the new rocket fuel for today’s SMBs

How Microsoft Teams is helping small businesses stay nimble

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Six ways to boost your small company’s culture with technology

Getting the most from Microsoft Teams to help build a common purpose and connection within your business

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Five ways to boost SMB cyber defence so you can focus on growth

Want to boost your cybersecurity? Check out these five ways to strengthen your defences against attacks