Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Business Loans

Bounce Back Loan Scheme extended until the end of March

Chancellor also extends furlough scheme until end of April, as businesses reel from pandemic and possible no-deal Brexit


Government makes further changes to Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Government will cover up to 80% of small business staff wages while the coronavirus pandemic continues, up to £2,500 per employee

Government Grants

How the local furlough scheme grant will work for your small business

Government will pay 100% of wages for small businesses forced to shut in hard lockdown.


Job Support Scheme what it means for your small business

Government will cover one-third of staff wages for full-time employees on days they are unable to work

Government Grants

MPs back call for ‘targeted’ extension of furlough scheme

Treasury select committee says businesses most affected by social distancing might be viable in the long term


Bank of England eyes Working Capital Jobs Retention Scheme

Innovative payroll finance technology could protect small business jobs for four more months after furlough scheme ends in October


Sunak decides whether to subsidise small businesses hiring young people

Chancellor Rishi Sunak eyes paying small businesses to take on young people as lifejacket against coming unemployment wave


Slash national insurance to keep small businesses hiring, says Sajid Javid

Former chancellor urges successor Rishi Sunak to slash national insurance and VAT for struggling small businesses

Government Grants

What the revamped furlough scheme means for your small business

Rishi Sunak tightens up coronavirus jobs scheme, asking small businesses to cover increasing share of costs from August onward including national insurance and pension contributions


MPs urge Government to do more to help self-employed through Covid-19

Treasury select committee says over 1m self-employed workers have slipped through the Government emergency coronavirus packages through no fault of their own

Government Grants

New entrants to be stopped from joining the jobs furlough scheme

Treasury wants to stop businesses from putting staff on furlough and then immediately taking them off to work part-time from August

Government Grants

Small businesses will have to cover a quarter of cost of furlough

Chancellor Rishi Sunak to announce this week that employers must cover 20-30% of furlough scheme cost plus national insurance

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