Employing & managing staff

How to avoid discrimination when it comes to employee dismissal

Many small businesses balk at firing staff with ‘protected characteristics’ such as religion, sexual orientation or disability. Sue Morrison offers a step-by-step guide to sensitive staff dismissal


Sexual harassment: #MeToo and Time’s up encourage workers to speak out

According to new research, prominent movements against sexual harassment have given over a quarter of UK workers the confidence to report it.

Employing & managing staff

How to deal with different languages in the workplace

Having multiple languages in the workplace can be useful, but are there any issues involved? Andrew Weir of Moorepay explains what you need to know.


Three-quarters of Brits say age discrimination is common in their workplace

A staggering 70.8 per cent of UK workers reveal discrimination around age is common in their workplace.


Young people lose more than £6,000 a year due to wage discrimination

A new report by Young Women’s Trust shows that under-25s are missing out on between £820 and £6,300 a year due to wage discrimination.


One in four UK professionals discriminated against in an interview

New research suggests that applicants feel discriminated against when going for a job interview, with most feeling neglected due to age.


Acceptable discrimination? Tattoos in the workplace

New research shows that two thirds of UK recruiters find tattoos an undesirable feature in candidates.


No excuse for discrimination in the workplace

Widespread discrimination is found in companies that try to implement an old fashioned dress code for their staff.


Managers witnessed gender discrimination or bias in past year

Research from the Chartered Management Institute reveals 81 per cent of managers have witnessed some form of gender discrimination or bias in their workplace in the past 12 months.


Discrimination found to be commonplace in businesses

A fifth of people have experienced discrimination of some kind in the workplace, whether it be a one-off occurrence or an ongoing issue, research finds.

Legal advice

Why small businesses should be mindful of discrimination law

Beth Brierley, of Riverview Solicitors, explains how small business owners should navigate the Equality Act.


Sexual discrimination rules to change

From 6 April amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 will come into force regarding discrimination and harassment.

Business Technology

How to keep your small business safe online

Here's how Security Service Edge from Vodafone can help to protect your SME from ever-increasing cyber threats

Business Technology

How to grow a global creative agency in record time

Find out how creative agency, Myth Studio, used technology to grow their business and quadruple their staff count in 18 months

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Attracting and keeping top talent through Total Reward

Employment benefits specialist, Drewberry, explain why you should base your benefits around a Total Reward Strategy

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5 things every small business owner needs to know before starting

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