Employee grievances

Employing & managing staff

How to deal with a furloughed employee who refuses to return to work

Tribunals are expected to weigh in favour of employees who say they haven’t gone back to work because they feel unsafe during Covid-19. What can a small business owner do?

Employing & managing staff

How to stop your small business getting bad reviews on Glassdoor

Glassdoor, the website where staff anonymously review employers, has become the go-to place where prospective employees gauge companies. Jonathan Richards shares 7 fixes to stop your business getting bad reviews

Employing & managing staff

Eight steps to overcome your fear of employee grievances

Here, Gillian Smith, HR policy consultant at Moorepay, explains how you can deal with employee grievances.

Employing & managing staff

Staff behaving badly

As employees start thinking about festive celebrations, there's a heightened risk of disaster. SmallBusiness.co.uk looks at how to manage internal disputes and staff excess.


New dispute measures to save time and money

New measures which will simplify the workplace resolution system are to reach parliament today, in moves which could save firms up to £175 million a year.

Legal advice

Grievance and disciplinary procedures note taking

At an employee complaint hearing, handwritten notes were made by us and then transcribed. The original notes were shredded by our HR manager and the employee has now indicated that we have broken the data protection act and is going to make a complaint. Is he right?

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16 ways to improve your business cash flow

Read here for 16 tried and tested tips and tricks to improve potential cash flow problems

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Agility – the new rocket fuel for today’s SMBs

How Microsoft Teams is helping small businesses stay nimble

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Six ways to boost your small company’s culture with technology

Getting the most from Microsoft Teams to help build a common purpose and connection within your business

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Five ways to boost SMB cyber defence so you can focus on growth

Want to boost your cybersecurity? Check out these five ways to strengthen your defences against attacks